What it takes to create an app like Whats App?


People love to chat and connect with their loved ones beyond the restrictions of time. The messaging apps facilitate the purpose perfectly and make the communication easy. WhatsApp is one of the core platforms of such communication nowadays. It is making connections easier for people irrespective of their geographical location.

From close friends in the same college to a family member in some other country, you can always stay connected. Everyone wants to have such apps in the mobile and some want to go further and create such apps on their own.

21st century is all about social messaging

The ubiquitous presence and popularity of WhatsApp can describe well the importance of social messaging in the lifestyle today.

Some of the most popular messaging apps are –

  • Viber
  • Telegram
  • Skype
  • KiK
  • Messenger etc.

The popularity of all the above apps is fair and justified. They are helping people to connect with each other anytime. Companies from all over the world are trying to bring something new on this part. The technophiles too are always excited to create their own social messaging app.

You need to know about WhatsApp to make an app like it

WhatsApp has extended its reach on a bigger scale and it can be the idol to follow. People across the world are trying their hands on this trend of communication technology. The question is how to build such an app with the utmost perfection. However, before you know the technical requirement of making a social messaging app, you need a team of smart developers. It is the most important precondition to get the task done.

Below are the points that tell you how WhatApp got its shape. The same knowledge can be then applied to any social messaging app you want to create with few differences on technology.

The basic infrastructure for internal functioning

This can be considered as the soul of an app. To make this soul, you need –

  • A web server for the storage of multimedia files.
  • Technology for message transfer, such as the Extensible Messaging and Presence Protocol (XMPP). This facilitates chat between two individuals as well as the multi-user communication.
  • FreeBSD operating system

All the three points are irreplaceable in importance.

What features you need in a messaging app?

The many functions that an app performs demand certain features. They are –

Authorization with Registration

The first stage through which a user enters the app. The first requirement is to take the authorisation to use the app and for that, registration is must. Through the SMS that is sent to the mobile of the user the authorisation is given. A feature to verify through voice can also be added just like WhatsApp.

Need to start the dialog through the contact list

After registration, an option should show the contact list in the mobile. The user can pick the preferred contact to send the message or start the communication. This is useful for the one-to-one chat but there should be an option to create groups on the app.

Just as people create personal and professional groups on WhatsApp, your app should also be able to do the same. From individual chat to group messaging, you need to ensure smooth functioning on both. Also, sending one message to many at the same time should also become possible. For instance, the ‘broadcast list’ feature in WhatsApp through which one message can reach to many.

WhatsApp always comes up with new features and one of them is the WhatsApp message disappearing service. Once you enable the disappearing message in WhatsApp, the messages sent by you along with media files will be deleted after seven days from the sent time. The disappearing feature in WhatsApp works for both individual chat as well WhatsApp groups. However, this feature does not work for forwarded messages.

Self-destructing messages

After a certain time the app destroys the old messages. In Snapchat and Telegram, this feature is already in use. The type of technology may vary.

  • WhatsApp uses the XMPP technology.


  • Skype uses Microsoft Notification Protocol (MSNP) for the same purpose.

The type of technology you use totally depends on the internal programming and functioning of the application.


This informs the user about any kind of effort made by the others to contact with him/her.

Usually there are two types of notifications

  • Notification of a new message
  • Notification of invitation to add in a group conversation

The push notifications and pop-ups are the two ways to send the alert.

The two prime types of technology that come in use for the notification are –

  1. Google Cloud Messaging
  2. Apple Push Notifications

The server of the app sends the alert to the users through cloud services. For that HTTP/2 multiplex protocol works as the platform.

Location sharing

Sometimes due to safety concerns, sometimes for the need of better connectivity, location tracing is always in demand. You should also equip the app with this feature.

  • For Android mobiles, Google Play location services API can come to use for geo location integration.
  • Apple offers Core Location framework technology for the same purpose.

Similarly, there are other features that should exist in the internal structure of your app. For example – contact sharing, Multimedia files transmission, voice calling, settings.

You should also keep a feature to get feedback from the use. Normally all the apps keep it to make their performance better through the responses of the users.

LAST BUT NOT THE LEAST – The Cost and Time Calculation

With need of uncompromised performance on every aspect, you need to invest money. In addition, the time that the complete process of app creation takes should also be in your knowledge.

Here is a distribution of cost you need to invest while making an app like WhatsApp.

MVP features Development time (h) Cost, $
Registration 53 Max 2640
Self-destructing messages 8 Max 300
Messages exchange 218 Max 10700
Location sharing 20 Max 1500
Notifications 15 Max 800
Contact sharing 72 Max 3800
Multimedia file transmission 40 Max 2100
Voice calling 220 Max 12000
Settings 111 Max 5700

The above costs are untailored if you expect lower expenses on any aspect. It is vital to ensure the maximum possible investment to make things perfect. However, you may face the problems in making arrangement of funds.

Do not forget to do deep research on the profit returns once the app goes in the market. You need to get back a due share on the invested money. To arrange funds, use your savings, if they are not sufficient, some alternative ways can also be there. From doing an additional job to gather money through borrowing funds, anything can come in the picture according to the need. If you want to explore the latter one, a big amount will be required and for that guaranteed loans are there. With the backing of a guarantor of loan application, it is easy to get the loans on low rate of interest. For faster attainment of funds, it is advisable to opt for the online borrowing.


From top to bottom, many things act in the construction of a messaging app. A versed team, intelligence and money are the three prime elements that you cannot miss in the process. Explore the market possibilities of success of your app. The money and effort invested should not go futile. Isn’t it?

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