Reflecting Mirrors of Society: How Faith Influences Us?


The world is not a predefined set planet. Once dinosaurs use to roam and now…?

Now they are long gone, leaving behind only their remains being eaten in the dark, for us to learn from it. Otherwise, who knows what age of discovery could have been like without discovering fossils? It would have been a different world.

Having a strong belief about something prenominated is unreplaceable, like being a follower of a certain religion or belonging to a preconceived notion of the sect you are born into.

What is Meant by Having Faith?

Each school of thought represents faith as an idea, core belief a human wants to follow. It can be in theoretical or practical but in either case, a person follows (or tries to follow) the steps laid down in front of him even before he was born.

To presume that faith is changeable is a foreign thought. Sacred journeys, holy rituals, and holy festivals, etc. are part of the unbroken circle.

What Faith Means to Us?

A person helping a dog drink water….is it faith?

Or a person trimming his beard for a holy journey is faith? Let me tell you, it’s both. Religion is to believe in something, a greater good, not only for yourself but also for society.

You make goals for your entire life and focus on it, it provides you guidelines, helps you to face difficulties as well and learn from the mistakes on your way. It sure does sounds like having a strong belief.

Well yes, it is exactly like that.

 Some find religion as a means of meeting both ends, some find it to be destructive hence they exploit it (terrorism) and some simply follow it quietly going through their daily chores.

Beliefs and Society Balance your PH levels

Today is a modern era of technology and emotional intelligence, it affects you in bilateral ways and has a unanimous effect on your surrounding as well.

But when the question comes in mind how does having a religion can affect your society many are dumbfounded.

The answer lies in the simplest of questions even. Religion is followed not by a single person but by an entire community. Communities are a central hub for religious preaching and such but with time people have to learn to adjust their religious views with modern times otherwise, it becomes impossible to survive.

How it Affects Our Society?

Each country is represented by diverse groups following a specific religion. You will be surprised to know per country there are at least 30 different religions!

And countries with holy destinations are favorites of pilgrims and explorers to go on a holy journey for reviving their beliefs and such like people in India go to Ganges and Jumna river to go take a dip in the water, as the river’s water is considered pure and holy by the Hindu sect.

Likewise, for Muslims, going on an Umrah journey is equally important. They perform Hajj once a year and so on.

But to better understand its effects lets summarize it;

  • Religion helps us to integrate our daily goals with the spiritual ones.
  • It helps to give us a distinct recognition in the world.
  • Helps us to solve problems from our daily chores even, stimulating inner peace
  • It eventually helps to govern a body of government too
  • Religion helps promote a heightened sense of stability in societies and businesses as well

Even though these are the most basic ones of the effects, they have a high impact on our daily lives. Religion is not shrewd, it’s a change that is not acceptable by all hence it can create conflicts for many.

Value of Having Core Faith

Religion and faith, both play scrutinizing goals in our societal values. Global identities and values are shared, we come to be aware of other communities and accept each other at the most humane way possible. Majority people believe that having a religion gives you a sense of direction, well yes it does, but it can also have a counter effect on your mental wellbeing. I know it sounds quite conflicting but it’s a harsh fact.

With the good, always comes the bad side too. it’s unavoidable. Since the time of dawn, the early record had shown how people from the same communities had helped detrude their people because of their moral corruption?

But what we don’t realize is that religious guidance can be of important alliances as well. With time the world is engaging into an era of supersonics, where nothing is ever hidden and is easily manipulatable.

Freedom and faith always were in strong pursuit of each other and will remain till the end of times. Personally terrorizing others for your problems is never the answer. But you can help guide others as it little deeds of kindness matters the most.

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