Privacy policy

One of our main priorities is to maintain the privacy of our visitors and audience. We can be trusted to offer maximum privacy to all our visitors with our well-defined and detailed privacy policy.

Our privacy policy highlights a different kind of information that we collect and then use to offer well-researched and informative content to our audience. Here, we take every possible step to keep all the essential and personal information of our visitors confidential and highly secure. We will never share any of your information with any third party without your consent.

Wondering how we maintain the required privacy for your information?

Well, we strictly follow all the industry standards, rules, and regulations and as a result ensure maximum safety and security of the information. We also offer protection against the misuse or fraud of your information and thus offer maximum safety.

For us, the trust and confidentiality of our clients is the top most priority which is never compromised.

What frames our privacy policy?

  1. Information collection:

We only focus on collecting some relevant information and details which will help us to offer you with the most accurate services without any hassles. This information is needed to serve you with better information that will add the required value.

  • Sign-up information:

We might also require some of your information when you will sign up on our website. The sign-up process may require your name, email address, contact details, and some other needful information.

All the sensitive information entered during sign up is maintained confidential without making it visible to the public.

  • Location information:

You will also be required to share your location information such as IP address, GPS, etc. to solve all the technical issues. Your information will also be beneficial to prevent the chances of fraud in your location and nearby areas.

Before proceeding with the sign-up process, we also conduct an age verification step to ensure that the visitor is not a minor. After the confirmation and prove by the visitor/client, we further proceed with the process.

How your information is used?

You can absolutely be sure about the confidentiality and privacy of your information and details. We will only ask for such information that is relevant and needed by us to offer you the best assistance.

There is no provision of disclosing anybody’s information to the third party. You can also trust us to secure your information against frauds or misuse.

When we will share your information?

We also offer the maximum freedom to our clients and the audience to share their information with their consent. Here are some of the cases when your information will be shared:

  • With your consent or permission
  • Due to some legal requirements like fraud or cheating case
  • To offer you some better services or assistance

Visibility of the information:

Our audience is given all the freedom and right to adjust all the settings related to the visibility of their information and details. They can make the following choices with their shared details:

  • Adjust – all the information can be easily adjusted in the profile page
  • Control – complete control is given to the client to share their information through their account
  • Choice – it is completely the choice of our visitors to decide if they want to collect their browsing information or not
  • Remove – we also allow the maximum freedom to delete the content that you wish

Our privacy policy:

Our defined privacy policy is maintained with all the services offered by us to entertain our clients with the best assistance and data security. To offer you excellent services and assistance, our privacy policy is subjected to change as and when needed and required.