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Omantel Hayyak Internet Plans Offers of 2020


Check the latest Omantel hayyak internet packages with calling plans. We have added all the plans.

5 GB10 OMR
10 GB15 OMR
30 GB25 OMR
50 GB39 IMR
  • Check data usage details : SMS <D> 90099

Hayyak Mobile Internet Plan

200 BZ50 MBDaily*241*1#
1 OMR1 GBDaily*141*24#
3 OMR1 GBWeekly*141*7#
500 BZ50 MBMonthly*141*50#
2 OMR300 MBMonthly*141*300#
3 OMR1 GBMonthly*141*3#
5 OMR2 GBMonthly*141*5#
10 OMR5 GBMonthly*141*10#
15 OMR10 GBMonthly*141*15#
25 OMR30 GBMonthly*141*25#

Hayyak Internet Plan Your Way Packages

PackagesOMRDataLocal CallsLocal SMSUnlimited CallsPackage ValidityExtra DataBonus on Repurchase
HYW 33 OMR500 MB50 Minutes50 SMSN/A30 DaysN/A500 MB Whatsapp
HYW 55 OMR1 GB100 Minutes100 SMSN/A30 DaysN/A1 GB Whatsapp
HYW 77 OMR3GB (2GB All + 1 GB social)N/AN/AFor 5 Favourite Numbers30 Days1 GB for 2 OMRN/A
HYW 1010 OMR6 GB (6 GB All + 4 GB social)N/AN/AFor 5 Favourite Numbers30 Days1 GB for 2 OMRN/A
HYW 1515 OMR12 GB (8 GB All + 4 GB social)N/AN/AFor 5 Favourite Numbers30 Days1 GB for 2 OMRN/A
  • If you want to check your balance, subscribe and unsubscribe –  dial *123*3#
  • If you want to add your favourite number – *285*1*xxxxxxxxx#
  • For delete a favourite number – *285*2*xxxxxxxxx#
  • Check the list of favourite numbers  – *285*0#

Hayyak Internet plan offers with day and night

Packages PriceDataDuring the Day(7am – 12am)During the Night  (12:01 -7am)ValidityBalance Check
1 RO400 MB200 MB200 MB30 Days*141*1*1#
3 RO1500MB750 MB750 MB30 Days*141*1*3#
5 Ro3 GB1.5 GB1.5 GB30 Days*141*1*5#
10 RO10 GB3 GB3 GB30 Days*141*1*10#
  • Data plan is not transferable

Hayyak New Plans of 2020

3 RO2 GB50 Min (National)7 Days
3 RO1.5 GB15 Min (National)30 Days
4 RO2 GB50 Min (National)30 Days
6 RO4 GB150 Min (National)30 Days
10 RO10 Gb250 Min (National)30 Days
15 RO18 Gb500 Min (National)30 Days


This offer will be valid by 17 April 2020

Hayyak Other New Plans

DailyWeekly / MonthlyWeekly
200bz  (100 MB)3 OMR (3 GB)1 OMR Unlimited calls
1 OMR  (1 GB)25 OMR (30 GB) Month 

New Social Media Hayyak Data Plans

FeeBest Plan (Unlimited)Validity
1 OMRWhatsApp7 Days
1 OMRInstagram7 Days
1 OMRTik-ToK7 Days
1 OMRSnapchat7 Days
1 OMRTwitter7 Days
1 OMRFacebook7 Days

Special Hayyak Data Plans for YouTube

0300 BZYouTube (Unlimited)3 Hours

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