Insider Threats are More Discouraging than Hackers


Insider threats are a result of frustration, greed, and annoyance. It is difficult to keep all the employees happy, but you can make everything fair with the OgyMogy.

Whether your team is working on-premises or from home, the insider threats remain active all the time. The technological developments are easing the business processes, but also letting the insider deceive the organization. There are plenty of tools that people can use to steal your business information and sell it to someone else.

Since the first insider surfaced, businesses are always on their toes to keep the information and assets safe. You may not be clear to what the insider threats are unless you witness an example. Here is one of the examples that can explain them thoroughly.

A few years back, a lady was working with notable office supplies manufacturers as the assistant to the director. Well, they always wanted to be promoted to a higher designation. To have her desire filled, she tried to convince the CEO of that company with her fake performance reports. However, the CEO realized that the reports were not actual but decided to let her continue at the position she was. A lot of people say that the CEO took a wrong decision. A person lying in the first place may lie again, and that is what happened there. That lady stole some important documents of that organization and took them to their rivals asking them to appoint her at a higher designation. That was the trade benefit, and she earned. Perhaps, when the organization realized, that had to sue their rivals as well as that lady.

Thankfully, they learned about the insider, though late, they did.

The same can happen to any organization in this world, and in a way, it might be happening to all those organizations that do not monitor the activities of their employees.

The Common Threats from the Insiders:

Apart from the threat in that tale, these are some other threats that every business has from the insiders:

  • Publication of secret information
  • Material fraud
  • Leakage of sensitive information to the rivals
  • Theft of intellectual property
  • Trading of business secrets
  • Policy defiance

Though everyone in the office may not have access to sensitive information, some do have. Sorry to say, people posted on higher designations are often the insiders. They have more access to confidential information than any other. Soon as you annoy any of them, you put your business at stake.

Perhaps, you need evidence before believing who is the insider.

How OgyMogy Helps in Finding an Insider?

OgyMogy is a substantial solution to monitoring employees. It lets the employers see everything that their employees do at the workplace and with the devices given to them. Further, it performs based on these principles:

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Clarity: It reveals everything that your employees are doing. It can show you their browser history, task completions, chat histories, emails, and much more.

Data Safety: With OgyMogy you can ensure the safety of your business data. If anyone is trying to migrate the business intellectual property to a flash drive or email them to a third-party, OgyMogy can alert you.

Productivity Enhancement: Enhancing productivity is way easier with OgyMogy than any other tool. When you can see everything that your employees are doing, you can help them in the jobs that are difficult for them. Along with that, you can see the entire day performance of every employee. Hence, you can find people spending more time socializing than working. Certainly, you can help them become productive.

Threat Identification: When everything is clear to you there will be no confusion at all. If you find someone stealing intellectual property, you can stop that person over there with the help of OgyMogy. Next to that, you can ask him why he was trying to take that data. Certainly, the doubts will go away and you will have the exact information about the threats.

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Safer Environment: Are women leave the job quite often than males. Then you need to OgyMogy to see why that is happening. Just like the insider, with OgyMogy you can find the harasser who is making women leave.

There are so many things to take care of in a business. Indeed, that is difficult when you do not have the right tools. So make it sure that you have them all, along with OgyMogy.

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