How technology makes us Inhuman?


Technology is ubiquitous, it is vital, it is helpful, it is fast, it makes things work faster. However, somewhere, it has brought a difference in the nature of the most intelligent creature of the earth. Yes, it is us, the humans.

We are extensively using technology for communication, entertainment, to stay healthy, to commute, to wake up, to sleep, to work and whatnot. The new advancements in it are making us addicted to giving it place in every nook and cranny of our life.

With the help of technology, things are getting better, in fact, perfect. Somewhere, something is going wrong, and that something is not suitable for the well-being of human civilisation. Yes, technology is making us inhuman in many ways.

Are we really aware of how we are changing with time? If not, all of us should pay attention to how this change is coming to make us less human.

We are ready to chat but not talk

After falling in love with technology, especially mobile phones, perhaps our fingers have become the most active part of the body.  They are ready to type words round-the-clock and not surrender until late at night. We make them type countless messages. Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, everywhere we are connecting with people (at least we think so).

Someone is ill, and we send him a message of ‘get well soon dear’. Is that all? Why can’t we take out some time from our busy schedule and meet that person personally? We think that we have done our part of formality just by sending a message. We need to talk and indulge in a face-to-face conversation. No technology can replace that in importance.

Relations have become like instant recipes

People meet on social media, get intimate on a date, stay together for a short time but finally find there is no compatibility. They even get married, but things change after some time. The increasing number of divorces in every country tells that maybe we are missing the required intensity in relations. People are not ready to tolerate because their relationship started instantly with some lovey-dovey emojis. When the time came to take actual responsibility of togetherness, the two were just not prepared.

You can see people complaining about each other. He is always on his laptop; she is always busy in video chatting with friends. We have time for everyone but not for our loved ones. When you already know the aspect where attention is required, why to delay? Do it before it is too late.  

Online crimes are easy to do and thus need less or no humanity

Threat, theft, fake news, hacking, all have become so common that every other story talks about this. People enjoy exploiting others, and for them it is fun. In reality, this intensifies distrust among people. No one wants to talk about financial matters in front of even friends.

Besides, it has become so easy to be abusive. The types of comments people send on national and international issues tell the severity of hatred humans have. The offensive language and words can be sent to the other side of the globe in a few seconds.

Is this what technology is making us? If yes, then it is not a promising sign. Technology is just a tool to facilitate enhancement in human life. Everyone uses it in his/her way. Even those who are not tech-savvy are equally important in society. In fact, in a way, they are more important; at least they do not act like a robot.

We underestimate those who are not friendly to technology

A simple-minded person cannot get a place of respect in society because of the ignorance on the latest cars and bikes. Similarly, your grandparents are annoying because they do not use mobile or any technology as it was not there in their time. You call them old-fashioned or the ‘left behind’ class of human civilisation.

Similarly, we make fun of those who are traditional in their financial management and still do transactions in cash. At the time of money crisis, they pick doorstep cash loans because it is possible to apply for them through a simple application procedure. Rest of the formalities occur at home. They do not want to get into the complications of detailed online procedures.  

You know what?

The above conditions have become the reality of this planet. This is not how we can see the dream of a better world and a better future. We need to ensure the limited use of technology to have some time to bring in some human-like behaviour. Start talking and use gadgets only for convenience. Do not let them distract you from the core of humanity. It is for the well-being of every person and the totality of human beings.

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